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RIBA Fee Calculator

RIBA chartered practice architect using the fee calculator tool

RIBA Fee Calculator

Resource-based fee calculations for architecture projects, exclusive to RIBA Chartered Practices

Produce resource-based fee calculations for your projects

The Royal Institute of British Architects has worked closely with RIBA Chartered Practices to develop an online tool to help architects calculate and generate a resource-based fee calculation for their clients and projects. The Fee Calculator has now launched in 'beta' - this means we are still making improvements and updates based on live feedback from our users.

Our recent webinar 'How to use the RIBA Fee Calculator' is now available to watch on-demand via RIBA Academy.

Members from RIBA Chartered Practices can enter their practice details, including company overheads and staff salaries, then create fee calculations aligned to the stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.

For architects, the RIBA Fee Calculator will outline the real business costs of delivering services to clients, and applying appropriate project mark-ups and profit, based on the business and commercial requirements of your practice.

Once a fee is approved by your client, the data can be exported into RIBA Contracts Digital, saving you time and effort when creating and customising your professional services contract.

Watch our free CPD webinar on RIBA Academy to find out more about the Fee Calculator, and how it enables practices to generate calculations that make financial business sense

The Fee Calculator is an exclusive digital practice tool for RIBA Chartered Practices. You need to be a practice administrator or director to set up the Fee Calculator tool. If you've not yet applied to become a Chartered Practice, applications are now open.

Access the Fee Calculator

The RIBA Fee Calculator is available exclusively to RIBA Chartered Practices.
You need to be a practice administrator or director to set up the Fee Calculator tool.

Have your usual login details ready.
We recommend reading our guide to setting up your practice to help you prepare some financial details, ready to get the most out of the tool.

What is the RIBA Fee Calculator?

A new digital tool from the Royal Institute of British Architects to help RIBA Chartered Practices prepare accurate, resource based fee calculations.

How does it work?

  • Access the RIBA Fee Calculator using the RIBA login details you already use for managing your account, paying your membership fees or recording CPD
  • The first time you log in, input business overheads and staff costs - similar to the answers RIBA Chartered Practices provide for the RIBA Business Benchmarking Survey
  • The tool then has all the background information needed to calculate a resource-based cost for the services you are delivering, for any project or client

Why have we created the RIBA Fee Calculator?

We've built this for practices, using feedback and insight from across the industry. The RIBA Fee Calculator is part of a growing suite of digital tools for RIBA Chartered Practices based on the processes outlined in the RIBA Plan of Work and RIBA Job Book.

Who can use the RIBA Fee Calculator?

Currently, only RIBA Chartered Practices will be able to use the RIBA Fee Calculator, as part of the RIBA Chartered Practice member benefit scheme.

Each practice completes an initial setup - usually a senior member of staff or someone with access to financial data.

Different levels of permission can be set for different members of staff, so you're in control of who in your team can access or edit costs, settings, or produce fee calculations.

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