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Regent High School - Dennis Gilbert

RIBA London

With over 12,000 members in the capital, RIBA London represents some of the best creative talent in the world.

The capital plays host to the largest concentration of design talent anywhere in the world and is home to some of the most successful architectural practices.

The RIBA’s London Region team provide support for over 12,000 individual RIBA members along with 1,000-plus chartered practices and the many students who come from around the world to study architecture in London.

As well as our extensive public-facing programme - which promotes the work of our members - we also work hard to provide them with support, business development opportunities and training to help them build and maintain their global reputation. 

Twitter - @riba_london

Image credit: Regent High School by Dennis Gilbert.

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​​RIBA London, 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NT

RIBA London groups

The RIBA London region is comprised of five groups. A group is typically made up of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members who take on various roles and tasks. The wider London membership may attend events and activities arranged by their group according to where they live or work. Notice of these local activities appear in the RIBA London e-bulletin or may come through direct email.

Chair, Allan Baird
Email: riba.wlas@gmail.com
Facebook: RIBA West London Architects
Twitter: @RIBA_London #RIBAWestLondon

Chair, Alan Crawford
Email: ribalondon@riba.org
Facebook: RIBA North London Architects
Twitter: @RIBA_London #RIBANorthLondon 

Chair, Mike Jamieson
Email: ribalondon@riba.org
Facebook: RIBA East London Architects
Twitter: @RIBA_London #RIBAEastLondon

South East

Chair, Elaine Toogood
Email: ribalondon@riba.org
Facebook: RIBA South East London Architects
Twitter: @RIBA_London #RIBASouthEastLondon

South West

Chair, Steve Harvey
Email: ribalondon@riba.org
Facebook: RIBA South West London Architects
Twitter: @RIBA_London #RIBASouthWestLondon

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The RIBA, its members and its practices are the collective voice of architecture. If you are a professional architect, a representative of a practice, a student of architecture, or if you work in a related industry, visit our Membership page.