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RIBA CPD Programme

​RIBA CPD Programme 2017

RIBA offers a wide range of free and paid for, face-to-face and online CPD seminars and courses, across all Learning Levels, throughout the UK and Internationally. Using Learning Levels as a guide, search for the right RIBA-Accredited CPD for you.

RIBA Detailed Knowledge CPD

Up to one half day of structured CPD activity

Detailed knowledge should give you a higher level of expertise than if you had only a general awareness. It’s about practical applied knowledge of the subject area achieved through learning and experience and consequentially being able to advise others of the implications. This knowledge level could be maintained and enhanced by attendance at courses or conferences (whether face to face, online or distance). You can gain this level by attending, for example, the following RIBA CPD seminars:

RIBA Core CPD 2018 - Coming soon!

  • Ethics in architecture: best practice for sourcing materials, products and people
  • How to advise your clients on their CDM duties
  • Win, retain, repeat: an essential guide to managing client relationships
  • Designing for flood resilience: tips for architects and designers
  • Going out to tender: skills and strategies
  • Pick and mix: the best of Passivhaus
  • Designing for a changing population
  • Bringing your designs to life: how to integrate green spaces and elements
  • Appreciating the old, incorporating the new
  • Is off-site the future of construction?

RIBA Core CPD 2018 launch is on Thursday 14 December 2017. For more information on Club ticket renewal, please contact your regional office.

RIBA Core CPD 2017

  • CDM 2015: is your project in line with the current regulations?
  • Green house: how to design a truly resilient home beyond solar panels
  • Fees: how to best calculate, negotiate and monitor
  • Financial management: how to run a profitable business
  • An essential guide to public procurement: better propsects and more opportunities
  • A common sense guide to contract administration and contracts for domestic and minor works
  • Briefing and evaluation: how to give clients what they want by learning from projects
  • A planning update: planning policy issues for practitioners
  • Listed building consent: when do you need it and how do you get it?
  • Inclusive design: going beyond regulatory accessibility standards

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Other Detailed Knowledge RIBA CPD seminars include:

  • RIBA half-day Principal Designer Course
  • Acoustics: tips to help architectural design
  • Architects as Developer - Business Skills
  • Building Connections
  • Building Pathology
  • Building Regulations: the challenge of achieving compliance
  • Designing fire safety into residential premises
  • How did it happen? Positive risk management lessons for professional practice from reported cases
  • Inclusive design: it’s not just about Part M!
  • It’s all in the detail: how correct detailing and understanding of fire safety principles can make a building compliant
  • JCT and RIBA contracts: issues and potential pitfalls
  • Lighting for people, Architecture and Heritage - Beyond the theory, myths and hype
  • Networking for Success - Business Skills
  • Online marketing essentials: making the most of your practice’s digital presence
  • Party Wall
  • Permitted development change of use: opportunities and pitfalls
  • Plumbing for architects
  • Principal Designer documentation: tools and deliverables
  • Renewable heat and electric systems, what works best and where. An overview for architects
  • Rights of Light
  • Rules of thumb for low energy architecture
  • Tablets of stone: Getting the most out of Heritage Statements
  • The Changing Landscape of Heritage
  • The role of the Architect in Alternative Dispute Resolution and the role of Architects giving expert evidence in dispute proceedings
  • The use of lime mortars with traditional brickwork & masonry
  • Timber in historic buildings: a forensic survey in assessing and finding solutions to timber defects and failings
  • Timber in historic buildings: assessing and finding solutions to timber defects and failings, for now and beyond
  • Timber panel products & engineered timber products

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If the seminar you are looking for is not delivered near you, let us know, by email or call +44(0)207 307 3848.

RIBA Core CPD 2017

RIBA Deep Knowledge CPD

Structured CPD of one or two days duration on specific topics

Deep knowledge , whether face to face, online or distance, will offer you much more detailed knowledge and awareness of a subject. Choices include seminars, workshops, conferences, organised factory tours and similar, from other sources, or the RIBA:

RIBA Advanced Knowledge CPD

Courses of three days* or longer on specific topics

Courses of three days or longer*, often leading to specialisms. This can be maintained and enhanced by courses leading to certificates, diplomas or degrees. You can also undertake three day courses and diploma, certificate and post graduate courses from universities, colleges and academic providers. The RIBA offer includes:

* Three days or longer, apart from some specific topics, such as the RIBA Principal Designer Courses.

We also organise in-practice training. Please see this page for more information on all in-practice CPDs on offer.

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If the seminar you are looking for is not delivered near you, let us know, by email or call +44(0)207 307 3848.

General Awareness CPD

Up to 2 hours of structured CPD activity

General awareness is structured CPD, and is just enough to keep you generally up to date and competent. Examples of general awareness CPD activities include RIBA CPD Providers Network seminars or CPD Roadshows, RIBA Online CPD, or short CPD from other sources. Having general awareness of a topic will not mean you will be expert in it.

RIBA Microlearning CPD

Less than 30 min

Microlearning is informal and often self-directed learning, and often digital, in very short, digestible chunks. Examples could be reading (articles, documents, policy papers), short videos, podcasts, info-graphics, web research, internal knowledge transfer, tool kits, instructional games, organised Google hang outs or Tweet chats. Below are some examples of RIBA Microlearning CPD:

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