Business and career resilience hub

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Business and career resilience hub

Acknowledging the current level of challenge and opportunity globally, RIBA is delivering relevant content and resources around business resilience that can be applied to your practice and in your career

Business and career resilience

Unforeseen global events are triggering disruption and turbulence across the world. For the design and construction industry this is resulting in multiple headwinds: supply chain issues, planning delays, steep inflation in costs, talent shortages and skills gaps. Amid the uncertainty, social and economic shifts are also presenting opportunities for architects. As an innovative profession, architects provide important design services for a changing society. A society, for instance, that is going to be increasingly less dependent on fossil fuels.

Resilience is not only about the need to recover from setbacks and to change, but also how to thrive in altered circumstances. In addition to the operational, commercial and financial resilience required for success in business, resources focus on human resilience and wellbeing, which are essential if individuals and teams are to flourish during times of stress. The longer term view is also brought into play by highlighting the expertise, skills and innovative technologies required to meet the future needs of the built environment and to build social and environmental sustainability.

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Business and career resilience playlist

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