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RIBA House of the Year 2019

House Lessans

House Lessans wins RIBA House of the Year 2019

The RIBA House of the Year is awarded to the best new house designed by an architect in the UK

"Life enhancing architecture doesn't have to cost the earth"

House Lessans, designed by McGonigle McGrath, has been named RIBA House of the Year: awarded annually to the best architect-designed house in the UK.

The family home in County Down is firmly rooted in its landscape. The home's two blocks echo the barn and other agricultural buildings they sit alongside. Inside, its minimal rooms all have huge windows which take advantage of the views outside.

McGonigle McGrath have managed to design a home of outstanding quality on a budget: House Lessans cost just £335,000. Basic building materials, cost-saving hacks and the simple arrangement of rooms within have meant that every penny of the client's budget has been carefully and well spent.

RIBA President, Alan Jones, said:

“House Lessans demonstrates that life enhancing architecture does not have to cost the earth. Executed with incredible clarity and restraint, McGonigle McGrath have used simple and cheap materials to create a truly bespoke home that resonates with its owners and its context. Even with the tightest of budgets, House Lessans shows that a dream home, designed by a talented architect, can be a reality.”

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